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Ecommerce Merchant Account Service Provider As a leading payment processing solutions provider, our 99% approval rate and fast 24-hour turnaround sees to it that your business takes off quickly. We’ll also keep things simple for you with no application fees, no contracts, and universal acceptance of major credit cards regardless of your credit status. And once you hit the ground running, our chargeback prevention and next-day funding ensures that you stay in business! We understand that time is money. Entrust us yours and we’ll be sure to make it worthwhile! Apply Today and Be in Business Tomorrow!

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The best part of being a part of a merchant account is that you can earn commissions by simply promoting us on your website. Our Affiliate Program pays you for each lead generated by a visitor from your site. Becoming an Affiliate is easy with us, and it is free to join. When you refer us to customers you automatically earn $55 of each qualified sale. For those resellers that can refer us more then 5 merchants per month please call us directly at: 800-956-1277 # 102 Learn more about High Risk Merchant Account Sign up today, you have nothing to lose!

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We Accept Major Credit Cards Regardless of Credit

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  • High Volume Merchants

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There are Advantages for Being a High-Risk Merchant Account

Here is a news flash, most bankers like to charge fees but hate taking on risk. So, your banker has slapped the term high-risk merchant account to your banking relationship which translates to service limitations and a fee structure that is even more onerous that ones used for other merchant accounts. That could be a blessing in disguise. 

Most merchant payment gateways are designed for customers with moderate to low payment disputes, fraud or credit risk.  

High-risk merchant accounts that skip ordinary bankers for specialists that provide credit card processing to high-risk accounts receive a level of service to merchants not be available through other means at rates that are very competitive to market at large. 

There are transaction specialists who cater to the unique needs of your business by offering  high-risk credit card processing and offer high-risk merchant accounts instant approval on pending transactions that minimize overall risk and facilitate greater sales volumes. This is often a godsend for bad credit merchant accounts and allows them to secure steady income as they restructure. 

For ‘sin’ industries, these high-risk credit card processors offer high-risk payment gateways that are secure and limit customer transaction write-offs through high-risk merchant account instant transaction approvals.

High- risk credit card processing and other high-risk payment gateways often are the most efficient and convenient ways of servicing the transactions of eCommerce merchant accounts, ‘bad credit’ merchant accounts or those within an industry that has a history of attracting customers that have bad credit, often dispute transactions or suffer buyers’ remorse like adult entertainment establishments or liquor stores.

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